Guest house

Group reservations

It is also possible to reserve a stay for a group from your parish, municipality or other association.
The main element of a group stay is participation in the monastic community’s rhythm.
For most groups this appears to be a momentous experience, which is why we also recommend that you do not plan too many of your own programme elements during interim periods. We would also appreciate receiving your programme in advance for consultation. We also request that the group programme features the community’s impressions as well.
The quantity of groeps is limited to 12 persons.

Costs for group stays: weekend from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon: €105 per person. Prices for other packages are provided on request. Preferably bring your own bed linen and towels, otherwise they may be hired for €8.


Please contact the brother in charge of guest management by telephone.

The guest house can be contacted by telephone every day (except Sunday, bank holidays and Monday morning) from 9.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. and from 6.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. on telephone number +31 76 597 86 10.

Group requests are always discussed by the guest management team for approval.

Other matters

Once the group’s stay has been discussed and approved by the guest management team, the agreements made over the phone are confirmed in an email on behalf of the guest management team. The person making the reservation and responsible for the group checks whether the agreements are correct and confirms this by email within one week.

Six months prior to the arrival date (or later as established in the aforementioned email) a deposit is paid amounting to 1/3 of the cost of the accommodation (in one payment transfer, and not per participant) to account number NL05 INGB 0000 7068 66, the ‘Gastenhuis Abdij Maria Toevlucht’ account, which confirms the booking. If the group does not show up, this deposit is not reimbursed. If the deposit is not received on time, the entire reservation is cancelled.

One month before the arrival date, the person making the reservation sends a list of the participants’ names, addresses and telephone numbers and discusses the programme and the community’s involvement therein with the brother responsible for guest management by telephone or in person.

Please also consult the cancellation policy on this website in advance.

Cancellation policy

The following applies to group reservations:
One month before the established arrival date, the number of participants specified is considered to be the final count. Should the number of persons arriving fall below this number, the person who made the booking is charged €15 per night per absentee.
Compensation is not required for no-shows as a result of serious illness of a participant, family member or close relative.